Quick Assessment

As an obstacle becomes apparent, Biz Dr can be deployed to undertake a quick assessment of the situation both from a strategic and tactical perspective.

The team at Biz Dr has strong experience in being able to understand both perspectives and how they are applied when dealing with any scenario in the business framework.

Biz Dr has a strong Business Health Check process to assess the main areas of any business including:

  • Structure
  • Personnel
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Operations
  • Financial Control
  • Revenue
  • Overall Risks & Opportunities

Such Quick Assessments can be undertaken for business owners, lenders, financiers, shareholders, suppliers, customers and other interested parties including investors, industry bodies and government agencies. Specifically for lenders, Biz Dr can undertake these quick assessments for:

  • Pre-lending reviews
  • Mid-term reviews and assessments
  • Contract term ending reviews and assessments

Risk Analysis

From time to time, any business travels through variations in its risk profile. The risk profile can change due to economic changes, industry changes, contractual changes, financial pressures, regulatory amendments and changes in the relationships with suppliers, customers, lenders, financiers, shareholders, employees, landlords and owners.

Biz Dr can assist in identifying risk factors that will impact the interested party and allow them to better understand a pathway towards understanding how to either eradicate the risk or take action to mitigate against it. Similarly, when an external stakeholder needs to assess the risk aspects of entering into transactions with a business, this risk analysis enables clarity to that stakeholder.

The risk analysis task can be undertaken in various formats including a light, medium or heavy format. The intensity of the task will be dependant on the stakeholders needs and budgetary capacity.

Biz Dr has a strong level of experience in dealing with risk assessment and being able to articulate a risk grading and profiling which is clear.


During the life cycle of any business, many stakeholders to a business need to obtain some clarity around their interactions with that business. These stakeholders need to have a confident and reliable advisor who will approach any situation with empathy and a cooperative mindset to gain an advantage.

Then, being able to obtain a picture which is tailored, practical and clear, the requesting party can make better decisions moving forward.

Specifically, Biz Dr can provide advice in the following areas:-

  • Independent business reviews
  • Operational and financial structuring
  • Cash and working capital management and analysis
  • Interim management plans and solutions
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Business refinancing
  • Financial forecasting
  • Stakeholder negotiations including with landlords, lenders and financiers
  • Key employee negotiations
Biz Dr also has extensive experience in dealing with government agencies and providing advice about governance issues. Specifically, Biz Dr can provide services with:
  • Governance assessments and improvements
  • Risk assessment processes and improvements
  • Reporting regimes and improvements
  • Independent business reviews
From time to time, Biz Dr may be tasked with undertaking any or all of these services directly but also may utilise a specialist service provider to provide the highest level of advice. Biz Dr ensures at all times that the engaging party is fully aware of the progress of the matter and oversees the scenario management at all times.

Business Recovery

During the entire existence of any business, there will be challenges that will be faced regarding performance, external impacts, internal processes and capacity impacts.

Akin to seeing a medical doctor when facing a medical challenge be it an infection, broken arm or a chronic illness, Biz Dr can undertake a diagnosis of any situation with a practical and empathetic mindset and then provide a pathway to recovery.

Businesses often need assistance in overcoming challenges that they face which can distract business owners, lenders and other stakeholders away from their core focus. These distractions can ultimately cause an acceleration of the situation and/or be so distractive that the fundamentals of their business are abandoned and the entirety of the business is then placed in jeopardy.

The business recovery plan that Biz Dr can put in place is clear, concise and practical. Ultimately though, whether it is a phase of the business which is preventing growth, a funding model which restrains capacity or a inability of the business to allow development due to management structures, Biz Dr can provide the guiding support through the challenge.

With strong experience in dealing with personal and corporate insolvency, Biz Dr has a strong appreciation of how to prevent disaster so retaining Biz Dr whenever any challenge arises will enable a business recovery plan which provides the most amount of options possible.

Biz Dr utilises the comprehensive business health check process initially to identify all of the challenges to be faced and then Biz Dr can be retained oversee, manage or implement all or any of the business recovery strategies recommended.


Biz Dr provides a unique level of experience in undertaking peripheral, in-depth and comprehensive investigations into issues that any stakeholder may need.

Biz Dr has been involved in investigations over 30 years which have included parties being criminally charged with Fraud, public examinations of some of Australia’s largest and most high profile business owners and discreet, undercover investigations which have identified sufficient evidence to prove unsavoury actions by co-owners and employees.

Such investigative projects can be undertaken in a light, medium or heavy format and Biz Dr has a team of specialist, highly trained personnel which are highly skilled with strong experience in law enforcement and defence agencies. Biz Dr can be deployed within Australia and abroad.

Ultimately, Biz Dr assesses the benefits of any investigation prior to embarking on any engagement and provides the engaging party with a strong cost-benefit analysis of undertaking such an assignment.

Biz Dr also has a range of forensic investigators including forensic accountants available to assist. Biz Dr provides these services to:

  • Business owners
  • Lenders
  • Investors & Shareholders
  • Industry bodies
  • Government agencies
  • Private and corporate parties


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We had concerns for a while but Biz Dr was able to pin-point them for us and we could then get a resolution.


2nd Tier Business Lender

We couldn’t get to the business to see it live due to Covid-19 border restrictions. Biz Dr was able to our quick assessment for us and we felt ore comfortable.



We didn’t understand how much she was taking out of the business but Biz Dr was able to investigate and provide us with a report. We sacked her and reported her to the Police.

Sally M

Business Owner

We knew that the industry was at risk but getting Biz Dr to do a mid-term review helped us encourage the customer to find alternative funding long before they couldn’t.


Private Lender

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